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As a Switzerland-based investment management company, Skarabäus Swiss, enjoying an expert and flexible team, makes every attempt to perform multitasks with full energy and expertise covering wide variety of investment projects. We provide the clients with the professional and high-standard services, and focus on inspiring areas based on a trustworthy mutual cooperation.


Service overview

  • Management consulting in the areas of:
    • Trading systems
    • Trade procedures
    • Trading models
    • System security
    • Regulations for trading platforms
    • Monitoring of trading venues
  • Market study and analysis
  • Development of trading systems or modules of a trading system
  • Operating systems
  • Real time transport and processing of mass data
  • Optimization of processes
  • Product design of investment and trading products
  • Development of fnancial intruments


Furthermore, we are in the investment sector on the go: we have run a fixed Germany-Switzerland-Iran axis through which we can inclusively support the investors in all related areas during transactions with Iran. We act as a gate and door opener for our business partners in Iran and support any direct investment in the Iranian capital market, especially in the stock exchange business.

We are the connecting bridge for the most interesting country in the Middle East.

With innovation, commitment, and responsibility at the core of our business, we provide financial advice and solutions covering every dimension of stock exchanges and the financial markets worldwide. Our services comprise providing trading systems, trading applications, private clients, internet solutions, and other relevant products to fulfill the investment needs of the investors.

Through Skarabäus Swiss, the clients benefit from the collaboration of a highly experienced investment management team to achieve world-class capabilities in order to generate attractive and sustainable returns. Once the first step of this collaboration is taken, you will find this partnership trustworthy and efficient for preserving and enhancing your assets.   



Jahn Ludwig

Founder and owner of Swiss Skarabäus Swiss


About CEO


Jahn Ludwig received his Master of Business Economics with specializing in banking in 1993. He joined EUWAX / Stuttgart Exchange in 1993 with 3 personnel and 300 products to 2008 with a total of 250 staff and over 1,000,000 products (including stocks, bonds, ETP, funds, and covered warrants) and over 3,000,000,000 rate updates per day. Since 2008 till the present, he has been the owner of Skarabäus SWISS AG. 


Fields of responsibility


  • Development of real-time trading application (requirements: 1,200,000 Products; 3,500,000,000 update rate per day, real time) mostly based on our design and programming capabilities
  • Development of risk applications
  • Development of automated execution applications
  • Development of market data application with interface (REUTERS / Bloomberg , etc.)
  • Development of a new market segment "EUWAX" after a 5-year market leadership in securitized derivatives (larger than Frankfurt)
  • Development of trading regulations
  • Development of an OTC trading system in collaboration with IBM (T.I.Q.S.) in Mid-90s
  • Kickoff responsibility for the webpage development
  • Development a market data application for the Exchange trading
  • Responsible for trading division (price determination, risk management, positions, etc.)
  • Our clients were comprised of 36 international investment banks (trading desks) including Citibank, Goldman, German bank, Commerzbank, BNP, Unicredito, etc.

Skarabäus SWISS AG Team